A holiday in England?

Norfolk? Where’s that? Do we get to go on an aeroplane? Well it turned out that it was just a long car journey but Paddington and I hadn't been before so, since we can fly at the moment, we thought we’d go and explore. So what did we learn?1. The weather is crazy. We had... Continue Reading →

A visit to Northern Ireland

Since we got back from our South America trip us bears have been taking life more quietly. We have made a few trips to Reading to see what Neil does and learn more about how to be good mission bears, but last week we got to visit somewhere new. It nearly didn't happen. A week... Continue Reading →

Hello and welcome

Hello everyone We thought it was time I had my own blog to talk about my adventures. Neil has been refreshing his blog now he's back living in the UK so there will be less opportunity for me to write on it....... so Paddington and I decided that we would branch out and do our... Continue Reading →

9 The return of the bears

Hello again everyone We have been able to stow away on Neil and Lori’s latest trip to South America. So far we have done lots of travelling and seen some interesting things. We started in Nauta with all the students at the Training week; most of the current students have nearly finished their course and... Continue Reading →

Sarah’s visit to Peru

¡Hola amigos! We’ve had a fascinating time with Sarah (Lori and Neil’s daughter) visiting over the last few weeks. She’s never been to Perú before so we flew down to Lima to meet her flight from Amsterdam. The next day we visited the Historic centre of Lima. This is where the Spanish were based once... Continue Reading →

8 Life is full of adjustments

Hola amigos, it is ages since I last wrote but things have been very busy. Life here is quite odd because things are always changing but yet somehow remain the same. One of the lessons that is quite hard to learn as a mission bear is how you keep meeting interesting people and then having... Continue Reading →

7 Paddington joins the fun

Hello everyone, I think I forgot to tell you that I was coming back to Peru. And this time I’ve got a friend with me. Paddington came to stay with us at Christmas and was really interested in coming back to Peru, especially since he’s never visited this part of the jungle before. So far... Continue Reading →

6a Coming Home

Hello everyone I thought my adventure was over but coming back to England has been very odd and I’ve not felt at home. I’ve got used to the idea that people queue for the things and that they take a long time. I nearly fell over when I went into the bank – no queue... Continue Reading →

6 The journey home

Hi everyone It all feels very strange but I’m safely back from my adventure. The last few days have made my brain very fuzzy. It started off on Friday morning when we got the Colectivo from Nauta. (It’s a sort of mini bus with 12-15 seats, and when its full it leaves). Our cases were... Continue Reading →

5 Living in Nauta

Hi everyone, This week I’m going to tell you about life here in Nauta. It is very different to England. Most of the houses are made of wood with a metal roof. In our house we collect the rain off the roof to use for water, because it doesn’t just come out the tap. Last... Continue Reading →

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